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Unlimited Lives

My kids have been playing Super Mario Brothers lately. Yesterday, my wife taught them the cheat code that gets them unlimited lives in the game. They were stoked.

But I'm betting that stoked feeling is going to get old real quick. Because knowing you can't die in the game takes away the challenge and the excitement of trying not to die.

My son and I were talking about this, and then we talked about how an unlimited real life would lose its luster too.

Real life is beautiful because we are mortal. We don't have unlimited sunrises and sunsets, so we appreciate them when we see them. The people we love aren't in our lives forever, so we feel grateful for spending time with them.

If we had an unlimited life, there would be no excitement and challenge to stay alive, and we would take everything for granted to the point of boredom, or worse, apathy.

There is no cheat code in real life. And that's a good thing because our mortality, and the mortality of those around us, makes every moment one of a kind.

Make it a great day!

Coach Chris


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