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The Next 200 Feet

It's summer time, which means road trip time for many people.

When you're driving on a road trip, you can't see the destination for about 99.9% of the trip. But you know you're going in the right direction, and you know you'll get there at a certain time.

When you're driving at night, not only are you unable to see your destination, but you can only see about 200 feet in front of you. And we know, through years of driving experience, that the only choice we have is to focus on those 200 feet in front of us.

Even if we were able to see our destination in the far off distance, it wouldn't allow us to get there any sooner. Focusing on the destination would only prevent us from seeing what's around us as we move toward our destination. And if you've ever been on a road trip, you know the things we see along the way are sometimes the best part of a road trip.

Today, whether you're on a literal road trip or you're cruising on the road trip of life, I encourage you to just focus on the next 200 feet. You'll probably see some pretty cool things.

Make it a great day!

Coach Chris


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