A "Now" Page is an idea I came across in Derek Sivers' great book Your Music and People. I update this every month or so with what I'm working on right now. I write it from the perspective of what I would share with you if I hadn't seen you in a year or so. 

(Updated 10/11/2021)


  • The kids are playing soccer for the first time. Both said to me recently, "I'm really glad you signed us up to play." It's been fun to watch them try something new and have fun while doing it. I'm helping coach both of their teams. 

  • The kids and I ride our bikes to school every day. It's two miles each way. Impressively, they ride 20 miles per week! I tell them that some people haven't ridden 20 miles in their life!

  • We've enjoyed the heck out of the amazing Giants baseball season. 107 wins! Facing the Dodgers in the playoffs after outlasting them by one game in the regular season! Epic. 

  • We started watching season two of Lego Masters, and we never miss a Saturday Night Live. The kids were bummed that Beck Bennett left the show, as he was one of their favorites. Our kids are getting a heck-of-a comedy education. 


  • I'm sending out a Daily Dispatch email on weekdays where I share personal development ideas to help readers thrive. I've been doing it now for about a year and a half, and I love how it forces my creative juices to flow daily.

  • I continue to coach several clients around personal development and entrepreneurship.

  • I'm working with a mentor coach on personal development and the continued enhancement of my coaching skills.

  • I signed up for a self-paced program to become a certified Personal Trainer through NASM. I envision teaching group HIIT classes and adding the physical fitness knowledge to my personal development coaching to give clients a more holistic approach to well-being.  

Good Reads

  • I'm reading Loving What Is by Byron Katie. She describes this practice called "The Work" in which we can ask ourselves four simple questions about any self-labeled "negative" experience. It's been a great tool to learn about shifting perspective. 

  • I am re-reading The power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I feel like I've been drifting mentally more than I'd like, at Tolle brilliantly explains the benefits of simply being in the present moment. 

  • We're watching Ted Lasso as a family. I watched the first episode of season 1 by myself in August. A couple of days later I had devoured the entire season. My wife told me she heard about the show, and I gladly agreed to watch it again. We're on season two now, and the first season was maybe my favorite tv season of all-time.     


  • I'm slowly working on a Personal Trainer certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I really admire what is being created over at Foghorn Fitness, and I want to give myself the option of being able to create something similar, or add physical fitness training to my personal development training. 

  • "Find something you love doing so much you'd do it for free. Get so good at it that people pay you a lot of money for it." This quote by Jon Acuff resonated with me. My wheels are spinning about ways in which I can continue to pursue my passions and turn them into streams of income.  

  • My mom turns 67 on October 11th. My dad passed away when he was 66. I had never thought about this until my mom mentioned it recently. It was yet another reminder that the people in our lives today will not always be in our lives. It's up to us to enjoy them as much as possible while we're all still here.