A "Now" Page is an idea I came across in Derek Sivers' great book Your Music and People. I update this every month or so with what I'm working on right now. I write it from the perspective of what I would share with you if I hadn't seen you in a year or so. 

(Updated 12/30/2020)


  • The kids have been distance-learning since mid-March. They're both doing well, all things considered, and we're grateful for their awesome teachers. I'm grateful that I work from home and get to be with them. 

  • Melissa is the Assistant Principal at Shoreline Middle School here in Santa Cruz. She's kicking ass learning the new job while navigating these uncharted, pandemic waters as an educator and decision-maker. 

  • We definitely watch more television than we did pre-pandemic. But the kids are getting a hell of an education in comedy as we slowly make our way through The Simpsons archive and Saturday Night Live episodes. 

  • We're grateful for the slower pace and the time we get to spend together, just the four of us. It won't always be like this, so we're trying to milk it for all it's worth!


  • I'm sending out a Daily Dispatch email on weekdays where I share personal development ideas to help readers thrive. 

  • I'm now certified to administer the Strong Interest Inventory from Meyers-Briggs. Along with my business partner, Acoustic Orange, we'll be offering a coaching/assessment package for high school students looking to choose their college major with confidence and conviction.

  • I'm coaching several clients around personal development and entrepreneurship.

  • I'm finishing my final class for the Professional Essentials Master Program at Coach U.

  • I'm working with a new mentor coach on personal development and the continued enhancement of my coaching skills.

  • I host a weekly Mastermind call Friday mornings with other entrepreneurs. 

  • I connect with 1-2 new people weekly through Lunch Club, which is a great networking platform. 

Good Reads

  • I'm enjoying The Practice by Seth Godin. Lots of great ideas around focusing on process instead of product. I also enjoyed his latest podcast appearance with Tim Ferriss. 

  • I loved Derek Sivers' Your Music and People. I bought several additional copies and shared it with some friends because I loved it so much! It's a book about getting your music to stand out, but music can be used metaphorically for any creative endeavor. 

  • I started reading A Promised Land by Barack Obama. It's very interesting to hear his side of the story on meeting his wife, especially after having read her side in Becoming (which I enjoyed thoroughly). It's also interesting to read about getting into politics, and how crazy quick he became president.     


  • I'm finishing up the first semester of my 8th year teaching high school English and Journalism at California Virtual Academies. The pandemic hasn't changed my work life much, aside from having the kids home with me, and needing to take more breaks to help them out. I'm feeling extremely fortunate to have a job in education that hasn't been negatively impacted by the pandemic.

  • Rather than make resolutions for the new year, I'm choosing one word to be the focus of 2021: Connection. Almost every opportunity comes from someone we know. I am focusing on deepening my current connections and establishing as many new ones as possible. 

  • I've been teaching myself guitar during the pandemic. has been a fantastic resource, as has been the Fender app. It's been fun and rewarding to get better and be able to play some songs.   

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