A "Now" Page is an idea I came across in Derek Sivers' great book Your Music and People. I update this every month or so with what I'm working on right now. I write it from the perspective of what I would share with you if I hadn't seen you in a year or so. 

(Updated 3/9/2021)


  • The kids are going back to school (kind of)! After a year of distance-learning, they'll go back two days per week with half of their classmates in a socially distant classroom. They'll continue to do distance-learning the other three days of the week. It will be good for them to get out of the house and experience some "normalcy".  

  • Melissa is vaccinated and preparing for her students to return Shoreline Middle School after Spring Break. I'm really proud of the amazing job she's done this year learning how to be the Assistant Principal while navigating these uncharted, pandemic waters. 

  • We got a trampoline! We put it up in our yard, and all four of us can jump on it at once. We've had some stirring games of Marco Polo and basketball, with many more fun times to come!

  • Little League is a go! Amelia will play Single A, and Cameron will play AAA. I'll be the coach for both of their teams. So if you need to find me between now and June, I'll be out at Harvey West Park in Santa Cruz!


  • I'm sending out a Daily Dispatch email on weekdays where I share personal development ideas to help readers thrive. I'm coming up on 200, and I'm loving the conversations started by some of these posts.  

  • I'm now certified to administer the Strong Interest Inventory from Meyers-Briggs. Along with my business partner, Acoustic Orange, we'll be offering a coaching/assessment package for high school students looking to choose their college major with confidence and conviction on my soon-to-launch coaching website:

  • I continue to coach several clients around personal development and entrepreneurship.

  • I recently completed the Professional Essentials Master Program at Coach U. And I am officially a member of the International Coaching Federation

  • I'm working with a new mentor coach on personal development and the continued enhancement of my coaching skills.

  • I host a weekly Mastermind call Friday mornings with other entrepreneurs. 

  • My podcast partner, Jon Magnuson and I are creating a 10-Minute Takeaway podcast that we're both really excited about.   

Good Reads

  • I loved The Practice by Seth Godin. Lots of great ideas around focusing on process instead of product. I also enjoyed his latest podcast appearance with Tim Ferriss. 

  • I'm finishing up Breath by James Nestor. I've learned a lot of interesting breathing techniques, in addition to learning about the vital importance of breathing through our noses instead of our mouths.

  • I started reading Infinite Game by Simon Sinek, which was mentioned in Seth Godin's The Practice. It's technically a business book about how many companies go astray in the name of "winning" instead of realizing it's not possible to "win" the game of business or of life.

  • I'm loving the daily Win Your Day emails sent out by my friend, Steve Gilbert, who is also the beat writer for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Steve is the inspiration behind me starting my own Daily Dispatch emails. If you would like to subscribe to his email, send him a note to     


  • I'm finishing up a wonderful program on Positive Intelligence (PQ). I've done the program with two fellow coaches based in Singapore. It's a seven-week program with daily exercises, weekly videos, and a weekly group call to discuss our findings. Positive Intelligence is about getting in touch with our personal Sages and quieting our personal Saboteurs. I've had some amazing insights that I will carry forward with me in my personal life and as a coach. 

  • I've been doing a lot of thinking lately around taking my focus off of what I need to do (which leads to stress and pressure), and putting focus on who I need to be. I am enough. And when I can get quiet and go within, I am able to get in touch with my essence, my most authentic self. From this place is where all my "answers" and next steps derive. 

  • I've been working on falling in love with myself all over again. It is only when I feel a deep love for myself that I can feel a deep love for others. Yet, it's so much easier to see the awesomeness and amazingness in others than it is to see in ourselves. I'm working toward changing that.