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Extraordinary in the Ordinary

"Sometimes, it can be the most ordinary moment that creates an extraordinary piece of art." -- Rick Rubin

We're all guilty of chasing moments. We make grand plans to go to the perfect place at the perfect time to have the perfect day. And in trying to create perfect, we instead create disappointment.

There is no need to chase moments or to try to create perfection. Because every minute is a moment. And every moment is perfect because it unfolds exactly as it should.

The good stuff is in the seemingly mundane, like driving the kids across town, or sitting next to your partner while both of you are doing work on your laptops, or making breakfast while music fills the room.

These aren't the kind of moments we dream about having. But these are exactly the kinds of moments that make life dreamy. These are the moments we'll miss most when our loved ones aren't in our lives anymore.

Today, let's notice the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary.

Make it a great day!

Coach Chris


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