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See the Good

As a baseball coach, the job is to make our players better. We're constantly looking for things upon which to improve. As a result, we sometimes forget to see the good things our players are doing.

When an outfielder doesn't back up a throw, we notice it right away. And we remind the outfielder that they need to back up the throw. Always. But when an outfielder does back up a throw, are we commending them for doing the right thing? Always?

It's so easy to see the things our players are doing wrong. And it's so easy to get frustrated by those things. But the focus on the things that aren't going right prevents us from seeing the many things that are going right.

It takes a conscious effort to see and acknowledge the positives on the baseball field, and in life. But with that conscious effort comes the ability to see more and more positives. What we focus on expands. So when we focus on positive things, we notice more positive things.

It's easy and natural to notice the things that aren't going right. It's an annoying trait we have as adults due to life teaching us many a hard lesson. But let's not let that prevent us from seeing the good things.

When we're in the market for a new car, we seem to notice every new car on the road. When we're going to have a baby, we tend to notice everyone who is pregnant and everyone who is pushing a stroller. What we focus on expands. So let's focus on the good things so the good things expand.

Make it a great day.



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