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Measuring Success

In baseball, success is determined by the scoreboard and by statistics. The winning team, the .300 hitter, and the all-star are all deemed successful.

But not every team can win. Not every player can hit .300. And not every player can make the all-star team. So does that mean all of these players are unsuccessful, or worse, failures?

In this man's humble opinion, the end results are not the best way to measure success. A hitter can crush a ball right at an opposing player. The hitter is out, but they did their job by hitting the ball hard. Success in this case for the hitter is knowing they did what they wanted to do, and not letting the result bring them down.

Success in baseball is overcoming the less-than-ideal results. Success is staying in the game and controlling what you can control. The same goes for life.

We are unsuccessful in life sometimes. Heck, we fail in life sometimes. We go through break-ups. We get fired from a job. We hurt someone emotionally and we get hurt emotionally. Success in life is continuing to stay in the game. Success is trusting that things are going to turn around. Success is continually making tweaks in order grow and be better prepared for the next situation.

Don't let the scoreboard be the only indicator of success. Stay in the game, regardless of the score. Learn and grow from the unsuccessful moments. And change the way success is measured.

Make it a great day!

Coach Chris

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