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Maturity is When...

"Maturity is when you can finally ride the ups and downs of life without getting tossed around by them. You don't expect everything to be perfect. You know change is constant. You don't judge yourself when times get hard. You live in gratitude. You enjoy the good when it is there." -- yung pueblo

Life is messy. Life is beautiful. Life is terrifying, exciting, devastating, rewarding, heartbreaking, and heartwarming. Life is everything.

So why do still expect life to be full of puppies and rainbows all the time? Why are we still constantly surprised and disappointed when instead of puppies and rainbows we get thunderstorms and clogged toilets? It's all life. The good. The bad. And the stinky.

The sooner we accept this, the sooner we can truly enjoy the story that's unfolding around us.

When we go to the movies or read a book, we know the characters are going to go through trials and tribulations. Without the conflicts, there can be no redemption, no heroes, no happy endings. The movies and books we like the most are the ones where characters overcome hardships.

Andy Dufresne standing in the rain as a free man doesn't give us the chills if he didn't have to overcome being framed, dealing with the Sisters, and outsmarting the warden.

Today, let's work on riding the ups and downs of life without getting tossed around by them. Let's remember the only thing constant in life is change. Let's try to enjoy the story unfolding around us, and trust that redemption is right around the corner.

Make it a great day!

Coach Chris

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