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Look in the Mirror

"Look in the mirror, my friend." -- Dave Matthews Band

There are people in life that drive us absolutely crazy.

Our kids don't do what we ask them. Our co-workers don't pull their weight. Our partners don't read our minds.

It's easy to get frustrated. It's easy to get exasperated. It's easy to let that frustration and exasperation turn to apathy.

When these emotions take root, we tend to play the blame game. We complain about what everyone is not doing.

But there is always something more that we can do, or at least try to do. If we audit our actions and our roles in these people not doing what we want them to do, we can usually identify some things we could have done differently, or better.

Maybe we could have explained something better. Maybe we could have gotten confirmation that the other person understood what we wanted. Maybe we could have showed the other person an example.

If someone in your life is driving you absolutely crazy, look in the mirror, my friend. Take responsibility for trying to come up with a different or better way of dealing with that person.

Make it a great day!

Coach Chris


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