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I did a kick-ass workout this morning. I call it a kick-ass workout because it kicked my ass.

The last part of the workout was 10 long sprints mixed in with nine different kettlebell exercises. About half way through the set I was cursing the instructor while searching for some inspiration. I found it in my workout partners.

When the workout was over, I told the instructor how much I hated her while simultaneously loving her for making me better. She was impressed that I finished the workout before time was up. I told her I had to finish because I saw our classmate Christine finish. I drew inspiration from her in trying to keep up/stay ahead.

The instructor said to me, "Christine said she had to finish because you finished!"

This reminded me that we're all looking for inspiration. We're all trying to find motivation. And we often find both through the people we admire. And let us not forget that we inspire others.

We inspire others by being our most authentic selves. We inspire others by doing the right thing. And we inspire others by finishing a kick-ass workout.

Make it a great day!

Coach Chris

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