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Feel More

"Was I a better doctor then, when I knew less and felt more?" -- Anna Lembke

As we get older, and we gain more experience and knowledge, we begin to anticipate what's probably going to happen. We've seen a lot, so we recognize patterns. In the same way we can tell how a lot of movies are going to end, we can tell the same with a lot of life situations.

This foresight based on life experience becomes a bit of a super power. And it also becomes a super annoyance.

It's annoying personally because we don't really know how situations are going to play out. Just because something happened a certain way before, doesn't mean it's going to happen that way again.

It's annoying to others because sharing our foresight robs them of going through the experiences that gave us that foresight. Try and try as we may to prevent others from making the same mistakes we've made, the only way to truly learn anything is to go through experiences, to make mistakes, and to make them a part of our DNA.

The people in our lives don't want us to tell them what's going to happen. They don't want us to spoil the ending. Instead, they want us to be with them as the experience unfolds. They want us to feel the experience with them.

I encourage us to be less certain. Let's allow ourselves to be surprised at how things play out instead of robotically computing what will probably happen. Let's think less and feel more.

Make it a great day!

Coach Chris


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