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Clarity Comes With Action

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

My family spends some time near the Feather River in Mt. Lassen every summer. In order to cross this river, we have to hop from rock to rock until we get to the other side.

It's difficult to see the entire path from the edge of the river. But once we hop onto that first rock, the path becomes a bit clearer. The next rock brings even more clarity, and by the time we're half-way across, we can see the entire path.

Clarity comes with action. In life, we often can't see the entire path from our starting point. This can be debilitating. The uncertainty is intimidating. So we don't even start. Or we decide we need more information and vow to come back when we're "ready".

We will never be 100% "ready" for anything. Clarity comes with action. By taking that first step, the second step shows itself to us. Soon, the entire path shows itself to us, just like if we were crossing a river.

Clarity comes with action. What step can you take today that will allow your path to present itself?

Have a great day!

Coach Chris


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