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I've been sending out Daily Dispatch emails for almost three years now. And over that time, I've had many people reach out with words of gratitude and words of encouragement. But one person in particular has been the biggest champion of my cause.

My friend, Mark Reda has sent me hundreds of messages over the years in response to these Dispatches. He would share his perspective on something I mentioned. Or he would crack a joke about something I said. Or he would simply say thanks and tell me I was making a difference.

We should all be so lucky to have champions in our life like Mark. He told me I was making a difference, and he definitely made a difference in my life. He inspired me to keep this thing going. And he inspired me to tell other people when I admire and appreciate what they're doing.

I've got hundreds of emails from Mark that I will cherish forever. And I want to finish by sharing a few of his words of wisdom from some of these emails.

"Your friends are not mind readers. Ask for what you want."

"Instead of asking someone what they do, ask them what they want to do."

"Make every day Saturday!"

"Everyone starts every day with no indication that the life they have when they wake up will be the same as when they go to sleep that day. Or one week later. Or one year later."

"Cherish every moment!"

Rest in peace, Mark. And thank you for being you, pal.

Make it a great day!

Coach Chris

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