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Breathe. Thank. Act.

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

There will come a moment today when you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or impatient. Against your better judgement, you may allow this moment to send you into a negative tailspin. There is a better way.

Breathe. Thank. Act.

Is your Twitter feed about to send you into a fit of rage?

Breathe. Thank. Act.

Have your kids interrupted you during your meeting again?

Breathe. Thank. Act.

Is a deadline approaching way faster than you expected?

Breathe. Thank. Act.

In the span of about 30 seconds, you can gain control of your reaction to the moment by taking three simple steps. Breathe. Thank. Act.


If you can catch yourself before the negative emotion overtakes you, the first step in reversing course is simply remembering to breathe. Take one slow, deep breath and feel the calm enter your system.


After taking that slow, deep breathe, think of one thing for which you are grateful. Your partner. Your kids. Your health. Your ability to realize you're about to lose it in this moment! It doesn't have to be something big, but finding one thing that you appreciate can help shift your mood and mindset quickly.


You have taken the breathe and identified something for which you are grateful. The third and final step is to ask yourself, "What is the one thing I can do right now to move me in the direction I need to go?" As Anna sings in Frozen 2, "Just do the next right thing." Sometimes that's all we can do, and that's always enough.

Breathe. Thank. Act.

You've got this.

Have a great day!

Coach Chris


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