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I opened up my laptop last night after dinner with the intention of writing today's Daily Dispatch (Full disclosure, I write them the day before most of the time.). Just as I settled on a topic and began to write, my son asked me if I would play 21 with him (the basketball game, not the card game).

My immediate internal reaction was of disinterest in playing 21. I had just finished eating. I had just started writing. And I was in the mindset of being "done" for the day. But how much longer is my 12-year old son going to want to play basketball with me?

So I shut my laptop and said, "Let's go."

One game turned into two games. And two games turned into my wife and daughter coming outside and the four of us playing 2-on-2.

We got some exercise. We had some laughs. And we did it together.

When my son asked me to play 21, the easy thing would have been to say no. I was tired and full, and I was working on something. But the easy thing is rarely the right thing to do. The right thing is to say yes to our loved ones every time we can.

Make it a great day!

Coach Chris


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