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To celebrate our 50th episode, we created a video-version of the podcast. 

The Accountability Call Podcast was a labor of love between my dear friend, Jon Magnuson and me.


Jon and I worked together for the Arizona Diamondbacks in the early 2000s. He is now the owner of Mighty One Productions and Mighty Fit TV.

Jon and I touch base every week or so, talking about personal development and supporting each other in our respective endeavors. We act as "accountabili-buddies" to each other. One day we said, "We should record these calls and share them as a podcast." And that's exactly what we did for 80+ weeks! 

We hit the pause button on creating new episodes, and we're kicking around ideas for a new iteration. 

If you like 80s music references (and 80s songs being sung), ball-busting, dad jokes, stories about working in professional sports, and lots of personal development ideas, then you've come to the right place!  

Check out the archive of episodes on Google PodcastsBlubrry Podcasting, or Spotify.